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The agenda outlines key sustainability priorities for fashion executives and urges the industry to redesign growth

Today, 21 January 2020, Global Fashion Agenda, the foremost leadership forum for sustainability in fashion, has released the CEO Agenda 2020. Co-authored by renowned fashion companies – ASOS, BESTSELLER, H&M Group, Kering, Li & Fung, Nike, PVH Corp., Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Target – the CEO Agenda is a guide to support fashion leaders in prioritising areas on their journey towards environmental and social sustainability.

Redesigning growth
The 2020 edition has been updated with focus on one of the biggest issues of our time: Challenging the traditional concept of growth and prosperity. If the industry continues on its current trajectory, fashion production is expected to rise by 81% by 2030, further pushing our planetary boundaries beyond their limits. While we acknowledge that change involves industry collaboration and public-private cooperation, the CEO Agenda 2020 urges industry leaders to be forerunners and to investigate entirely new business models and disrupt the current fashion system to drive change, implement innovation and tap into collaborative and progressive business opportunities.

Eva Kruse, CEO, Global Fashion Agenda, says, “We are living in a time of unprecedented overproduction and overconsumption, and we are simply pushing our planet beyond its limits. I urge fashion leaders to re-evaluate the current growth logic. This is not only essential to future-proof their business, but it’s also crucial for humanity to operate within planetary boundaries. I appreciate that this is not an easy task, which is why we have created the CEO Agenda as a tangible tool to help CEOs navigate sustainability, find solutions and protect generations to come.”

Spotlighting biodiversity
This year’s edition also includes a new spotlight on fashion’s impact on biodiversity. The industry’s increasing demand and utilisation of energy, land, water and natural resources results in a loss of ecosystems and species as well as microfibre pollution. As a result, biodiversity and the conservation and restoration of nature require urgent consideration.

Bringing fashion to Davos
The CEO Agenda 2020 will be launched today during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Fashion executives from leading brands will join a roundtable alongside key players from industries such as logistics, transportation, software and chemicals who play a critical part in fashion’s value or supply chain and are important stakeholders in securing a sustainable future.

What’s on the agenda?
The CEO Agenda 2020 details eight priorities that should be top of mind for CEOs in fashion right now.

Four core priorities for immediate implementation:
• Supply chain traceability
• Reversing climate change
• Efficient use of water, energy and chemicals
• Respectful and secure work environments

Four transformational priorities for fundamental change:
• Sustainable material mix
• Circular fashion system
• Promotion of better wage systems
• Fourth industrial revolution

Read the CEO Agenda 2020