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26 February 2020

GFA takes the helm of Design for Longevity platform

By Global Fashion Agenda

Design has the capacity to transform how we live, whether it’s reimagining the buildings we inhabit, the roads we navigate or the clothes we wear. How we utilise our design know-how will impact our future—probably more than we can anticipate.

Keeping that in mind, knowledge and the exchange of knowledge are crucial to that future. That’s why Global Fashion Agenda has taken over the Design for Longevity platform, a platform aiming to inspire designers and creatives to design with longevity and circularity in mind.

The Design for Longevity platform, which came to life as part of the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) in 2017, functions as a dynamic toolbox providing designers and creatives with inspiring case stories, best practices and access to helpful tools in a combination of articles, videos, how-to guides and other formats.

A go-to resource and hub for prompting discussion for slow fashion advocates, creatives and of course, designers, Design for Longevity is a unique platform that offers a balanced blend of inspiration, knowledge and tools.

Inspiration is key to mobilising support and fostering collaborative action when it comes to both the future of the planet and the fashion industry. However, without the right knowledge or requisite tools, it will be difficult to prompt informed action—action that can adequately and effectively address the problems facing the industry as well as identify long-lasting solutions.

Projects, such as ECAP are emblematic of those efforts and in sync with the mission and goals of Global Fashion Agenda. As ECAP wrap up their work, we are excited to be taking over the Design for Longevity platform.

As a founding partner of the platform, taking it over is a unique opportunity for Global Fashion Agenda to dive deeper into one of the elements of circular fashion. Circularity remains a prominent theme in conversations involving fashion and design.

“It is essential that we take action on circularity today, even though we don’t yet have all the solutions for creating a circular fashion system. It’s only through testing and trying that we will find them,” said director of Public Affairs, Jonas Eder-Hansen, who leads Global Fashion Agenda’s policy engagement on circularity.

Explore the Design for Longevity platform and be inspired to design with focus on prolonging the useful life of products and resources.

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