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Global Fashion Agenda mobilises and guides the fashion industry to take urgent action on sustainability through thought leadership, forums and advocacy. We offer guidance and present scalable solutions to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our industry.


Global Fashion Agenda creates thought leadership by conducting analysis, publishing research and providing guidance for the industry.

The CEO Agenda, published by Global Fashion Agenda and our Strategic Partners, spells out the most crucial sustainability priorities for fashion industry leaders and urges them to take action by offering clear guidance on where to focus their sustainability efforts.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the CEO Agenda 2020 – COVID-19 Edition was released. Authored by Global Fashion Agenda with contributions from McKinsey & Company, the discrete thought piece outlines six opportunities for CEOs to rebuild the fashion industry, offering guidance to recover profitability and embed greater resilience by advancing sustainability.

The Fashion on Climate report is the result of a multi-year partnership between Global Fashion Agenda and Mckinsey & Company to provide industry leaders with data-driven facts so they can prioritise their efforts to combat climate change (effectively and also realistically). 

The Pulse of the Fashion Industry, published by Global Fashion Agenda, Boston Consulting Group and Sustainable Apparel Coalition, is an annual assessment of the fashion industry’s environmental and social performance. The Pulse report provides in-depth guidance to fashion brands and retailers looking to embark on or further advance towards more responsible ways of doing business.


By convening decision-makers and change-agents through our forums, we aim to inspire action, foster collaboration and equip the fashion industry with timely knowledge and innovative solutions to sustainability.

First launched in 2009, Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world’s leading business event on sustainability in fashion. The Summit brings together decision makers from across the globe and has become the nexus for agenda-setting discussions on the most critical environmental, social and ethical issues facing our industry and planet.

Transforming words to action, the Summit showcases sustainable solutions through the Innovation Forum and Design Studio. The Innovation Forum houses a curated selection of the world’s most promising solution providers. Attendees meet with exhibitor’s solutions which cover the entire value chain – from innovative materials to responsible packaging solutions. The Design Studio curated by creatives for creatives offers sustainable solutions across various key design challenges and is created from a designer’s perspective.

As part of the Summit we host Leadership Roundtables to create a forum to exchange views among key decision makers in both the public and private sectors on the actions needed for a sustainable fashion industry. By gathering select fashion leaders, NGO representatives and government officials behind closed doors, we aim to facilitate candid discussions on the necessity to solve the fashion industry’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

By hosting Media Masterclasses we bring together journalists for informative seminars, where we demystify the concept of sustainable fashion. At the masterclasses we deep dive into our publications and discuss what it takes from the media and brands to establish a more constructive dialogue about sustainability.


Through our advocacy work, we drive industry action with commitments and put forth policy recommendations.

In 2017, Global Fashion Agenda launched the first Commitment – 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment – to accelerate the pace of the industry’s sustainability transition. Since its launch, the Commitment has been signed by 90 companies, representing 12.5% of the global fashion market (calculated by revenue/turnover) that have committed to make improvements within areas on circular fashion: Design, collection, reuse and recycling.

Through policy engagement we convene and connect relevant policy makers and fashion industry decision makers in a collaborative effort to dramatically accelerate the fashion industry’s sustainability performance. Having been registered in the EU Transparency Register since 2018, we seek to raise policy makers’ awareness, ensure policy developments incentivise and support industry sustainability efforts and position Global Fashion Agenda’s core publications as essential evidence-base in policy discussions. We are currently working with our partners to accelerate the circular economy policy agenda in Europe.

The Design for Longevity platform, which came to life as part of the European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP) in 2017, functions as a dynamic toolbox providing designers and creatives with inspiring case stories, best practices and access to helpful tools in a combination of articles, videos, how-to guides and other formats.