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Creating real change in the fashion system takes a collaborative effort. Therefore, Global Fashion Agenda convenes and engages with industry players form across the world and the value chain. We take a collaborative, inclusive and solutions-driven approach working alongside the industry in a pre-competitive environment identifying the major challenges facing our industry and planet, and opportunities that have the potential to transform business.

Our network comprises Strategic Partners, Associate Partners, Knowledge Partners, Convening of Convenors, commitment signatories, experts and advisers, which are described below in more detail.


The Strategic Partners group consists of a small group of hand-picked companies, representing different market segments and geographies, who lead by example in their dedication to drive sustainable progress and provide essential leadership to support Global Fashion Agenda’s mission. They act as a first sounding in shaping our sustainability agenda and play an active role in content development, in particular by shaping and signing off on the CEO Agenda. Each partner contributes financially to the organisation’s efforts.


The Associate Partners group is comprised of a group of select companies who are sustainability leaders or have the aspiration to improve their sustainability performance, representing companies of varying size, segment and geographies. They provide additional feedback and input in content developed by Global Fashion Agenda. Associate Partners contribute a smaller amount financially to the organisation’s efforts.


Knowledge Partners have specific skills that help qualify Global Fashion Agenda’s work, e.g. management consulting firm McKinsey & Company is our Strategic Knowledge Partner helping drive our sustainability agenda through research as well as reports and The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a global thought leader on the circular economy, is an official supporter of Global Fashion Agenda’s work to accelerate the fashion industry’s transition to a circular fashion system. Knowledge Partners do not contribute financially to the organisation’s efforts.


The Convening of the Conveners is a group that gathers to support sustainability in fashion. It consists of a number of strong organisations, who are driving positive change from different perspectives. Global Fashion Agenda is part of this group to secure global alignment, support each other and pool resources to secure maximum impact.


Commitment signatories consist of fashion companies that sign a Global Fashion Agenda commitment focusing on a specific topic. We support signatories in setting and achieving targets by providing toolboxes, webinars, network meetings and reporting on their progress. Signatories provide input on their experience to support the further development of tools that help guide the implementation of targets and assessments.


Experts and advisers complement the expertise and network of Global Fashion Agenda, providing input on specific topics for the development of our publications. The Special Advisers to the Summit consist of fashion industry profiles who provide insights on industry profiles and current focus topics to support the development of the Summit programme. The Content Experts provide input on the CEO Agenda and the Pulse of the Fashion Industry report.