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For thousands of years, cashmere has reigned as one of the world’s most coveted materials. Originating from the word, kasmir, cashmere’s roots are tied to Asia, in particular the regions of Mongolia, Nepal and China. Today China is the leading producer of cashmere worldwide. For our Associate Partner, the Chinese company, ERDOS Group, cashmere’s uniqueness, popularity and rich history make it a product easy to sell, but not one easy to produce – at least when it comes to sustainable development and environment protection.

As the fashion industry becomes more knowledgeable about its carbon footprint, companies like ERDOS Group are doing some soul searching and putting measures into practice as they attempt to rethink how they can manufacture high-end quality products within planetary boundaries that are also socially benign.

In late 2017, inspired by the United Nations “Sustainable Development Goals,” the ERDOS Group spearheaded the ERDOS WAY, an initiative launched in 2019 aimed at bringing positive changes to the cashmere industry. Since then, the company has made strides towards achieving this particular goal by constructing superfine cashmere pasture, protecting goat species, supporting herdsmen, introducing new innovative modes of production combined with the application of technology, and communicating sustainable concept with customers at the retail end etc.

Aware of cashmere’s environmental concerns or sustainable potentials, companies like ERDOS Group are setting a new standard for cashmere production—one that recognises the entire life cycle of its product and how each link in the chain can become more sustainable if—and only if—the right principles and practices are put in place.

“ERDOS Group as the inheritor, innovator, and promoter of the cashmere industry, shoulders great responsibilities for sustainable future of the garment industry.”

Jane Wang, Chairman and General Manager of ERDOS Resources Co., Ltd.

Wang, who took over the company from her father in 2006, has leveraged her background in engineering to create the most luxurious cashmere fibres. In recent years, she has pushed the whole group to make the cashmere industry more sustainable — a determined step based on its unique vertical integration model. By collaborating on sustainability initiatives with the world-class luxury group, Kering, since 2018, ERDOS Group demonstrates its desire to push forward sustainable development together with other renowned companies worldwide.

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