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In the last few weeks, coronavirus has spread to more than a dozen countries around the world, including Denmark, where Global Fashion Agenda is based. Amidst this anxiety surrounding the outbreak, instances of racial abuse and discrimination against people, particularly of Asian descent have occurred.

At Global Fashion Agenda we condemn all such behaviour.

As an international team, we view what the World Health Organization defines as a pandemic, as a chance to come together and show our solidarity for one another while tempering the urge to point the finger at others.

Historical episodes of scapegoating ethnic groups for disease outbreaks has happened before, magnifying social tendencies and tensions that can quickly slip into discriminatory discourse and behaviour. Neither should be emulated. We should learn from past mistakes and take solace in our shared humanity amidst a very difficult situation – one that the entire global community must face – together.

We are in the midst of a global crisis, and it’s evident that the coronavirus does not discriminate when it comes to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or social status. And neither should we. 

While social distancing is advised (two metres to be exact), the situation should bring us together, rather than separate us. We all share this planet and have an obligation to act as one people on one planet – a planet that is faced with yet another challenge. 

It is only by working together that can we solve this global health threat – and should we fail to show compassion and the spirit of collaboration, we risk losing not only human lives, but the core of humanity. Let’s stand together in spirit and have compassion for all.